Apr 14 • 39M

American primacy is everything, everywhere, all at once: a convo with Dan DePetris

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Kelley Vlahos
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Washington's impulse to do something has created a foreign policy consensus that relies on the American military being everywhere, all at once, and all things to everyone in the world. Looking at today's headlines, it would be easy to see how the long arm of U.S. primacy is totally stretched — and becoming more ineffective every day. Syndicated columnist Daniel DePetris talks to us this week about a number of hotspots across the world — from Haiti to the Taiwan Strait — applying some common sense and restraint and talking a bit about what it's like to be on the "wrong side" of today's critical debates.

In the first segment, Kelley and Dan discuss the massive Pentagon leaks and muse over who could be behind them, given that their revelations are highly embarrassing to all sides — U.S., Russia, and Ukrainian included.

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