Jan 6 • 38M

Ben Friedman: The world will survive if the U.S. stops stationing its troops everywhere

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Kelley Vlahos
Daniel Larison
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The U.S. military has over 270,000 troops currently deployed across the globe, including in 17 countries that the public up until now didn't even know about. Our guest this week, Ben Friedman, a senior analyst with Defense Priorities, takes on the Washington shibboleth that we couldn't possibly start bringing any of those troops home — particularly the thousands in the Middle East and Europe — because they would leave "power vacuums." He argues that even if there is a "security gap" left in our place, there are regional powers that can step into the breach. In the first segment, Daniel and Kelley talk about the demise of 'interim president' Juan Guaido of Venezuela.

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