Mar 31 • 48M

Daniel Davis asks: Why are there 900 US troops with targets on their backs still in Syria?

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Daniel Larison
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Last week the Biden Administration authorized airstrikes on reported Iranian strongholds in eastern Syria in retaliation for an earlier drone attack that left one American contractor and several others — including U.S. servicemembers — wounded. There have been at least 80 attacks on U.S. military personnel there since 2021 and they don't seem to be stopping. We talk to (Ret.) Army Lt. Col. Daniel Davis, who has been raising the same alarms and questions for several years now: why are we keeping our troops in harm's way in Syria? What is the strategy? Why hasn't the Biden Administration been called on the carpet to explain it? 

In the first segment, Dan & Kelley talk about VP Harris's trip to Africa and Kim Jong Un's dangerous cries for attention. 

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