Apr 21 • 39M

Justin Logan: We can't be 'Uncle Sucker' to Europe for much longer

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Kelley Vlahos
Daniel Larison
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The New York Times recently declared that the Ukraine War had brought NATO back from the virtual dead. In other words, the alliance has new purpose, which means more troops, more weapons, and more U.S. leadership for the unforeseeable future. This week, Kelley and Dan talk to CATO's Justin Logan about why this is folly, and that there is no reason why Europe needs the U.S. or even an "emboldened NATO" to take on the burden of its own security. In fact, the security situation would remain volatile — or worse — if NATO continues to serve as an expanding, agitating presence vis-a-vis Russia in the region today.

In the first segment, Dan & Kelley talk about how French President Emmanuel Macron has been lambasted by Europeans and Americans alike for having the temerity to suggest that Europe has its own interests apart from America when it comes to China and security.

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