Aug 6, 2021

Mythology, militarism, and collective amnesia: America’s culture of war, with Mary Dudziak

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Kelley Vlahos
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Mary Dudziak, the Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Law at Emory University and co-editor of Making the Forever War: Marilyn B. Young on the Culture and Politics of American Militarism, joins Dan and Kelley this week to talk about the late historian Marilyn Young and her decades-long research into the pathologies of American war-making. We zero in on the popular support for wars, the integration of romantic mythology, and the country’s inability to learn the lessons from each previous conflict. In the first segment, Dan and Kelley talk about the growing national security bureaucracy under Biden, whistleblower Daniel Hale, Israeli nukes, and the troop shell game in Iraq.

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