Apr 28 • 43M

Please Washington, don't do more in Africa — A conversation with Stephanie Savell

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Kelley Vlahos
Daniel Larison
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The political and security situation in Sudan is melting down. In Burkino Faso this week, the military dictatorship has been blamed for the massacre of 60 people. Security vacuums in Chad and Mali are attracting business from the Wagner Group, the notorious Russian private military contractor. It seems all over Africa, especially in places where the West and the U.S. have their fingerprints, things are boiling over. Why?

Our guest this week, Stephanie Savell, co-director of The Costs of War Project, just returned from Niger and has plenty of thoughts about how Washington security programs throughout the region have set the stage for the kind of problems we have now and what should be the focus of our attention — and isn't.

In the first segment, Dan & Kelley talk about the Biden Administration's weak sauce on Sudan, and the China select committee in the House hosting a war game run by the ultimate military-industrial think tank, the Center for a New American Security. 

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