Feb 24 • 41M

War, War, Evermore: The Russian Invasion Anniversary, w/ Lyle Goldstein

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Over a year ago, Lyle Goldstein, director of Asian engagement at Defense Priorities, came on Crashing the War Party and was one of the few foreign policy analysts warning that Russia was likely to invade Ukraine, pointing out that the seeming US-NATO resistance to a more diplomatic path could lead to what we are seeing today. He talks to Kelley and Dan on the anniversary of the Feb. 24 Russian invasion about the current battlefield conditions — which are not good for either side — and where we could be headed in 2023. We also talk to Lyle about Washington's increasingly dangerous approach to China and Taiwan.

In the first segment, Kelley and Dan talk about the Israelis' latest push for a US war with Iran. Considering that Washington's energy and attention are stretched over a potential two-front war in Ukraine and China, what are the Israelis thinking? 

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