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I do not agree that Americans are a peace loving people. Ignorance is not innocence. We are an ignorant people who pay little or no attention to a ferociously militarized U.S. foreign policy. We are easily propagandized to support wars based on simple-minded notions of good guys and bad guys. We are completely unaware of U.S. dirty tricks, coups, color revolutions, economic wars, and the chaos and destruction we have wrought. If we are so peace loving, where is the anti-war movement? As for presidential candidates running against the Ukraine War, does anyone really believe Donald Trump? Whatever political opposition there is to the Ukraine War is not based on anti-war sentiment but rather a preference to go to war with China. As for RFK, Jr., he has already walked back a number of his positions so I am not counting on him. No one in the leadership class is serious about cuts to the defense budget. And until that happens, it's going to be endless war.

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