Sitemap - 2022 - Crashing the War Party

Dude, where's my war powers? Annelle Sheline on the big Yemen vote disappointment

Countdown to doom? Scott Horton on 2022, a year of war and great power calamity

Nicolai Petro and what Greek tragedy has to do with ending the war in Ukraine

Chris Coyne: It takes Illiberal people to run a US-led Liberal World Order

Republicans in the House! What does the new majority mean? Jim Antle breaks it down

Rumble in Washington: the impact of the midterms on foreign policy, w/ Erik Sperling

David Hendrickson on what John Quincy Adams would think about the US-led 'global order'

Who needs friends when you got quasi-allies? A conversation with Natalie Armbruster

Kim Jong Un: Big baby, big problem, or both? Doug Bandow on a failed US policy

Jon Hoffman says he is shocked! Shocked! That Saudi Arabia is a fickle friend

Surprise: Americans and the Washington blob see foreign policy a bit differently

Ted Carpenter: The media is an unreliable watchdog and a handmaiden of war

Dave DeCamp, anti-war news wrangler, the wartime edition

Is progressive foreign policy really in crisis? A chat w/ Stephen Wertheim

Are we asking for war in the Pacific? A conversation with Lyle Goldstein

When you're investing in Empire and don't even know it, w/ Daniel Bessner

Adam Weinstein: Stop trying to put Afghanistan in the rearview

Sorry America, China and Russia aren't going anywhere soon — a conversation with Ali Wyne

"Why do they hate us?" John Tirman on the dueling myths keeping Iran and the US from getting together

A militarized America is not my America: A conversation with Monica Duffy Toft

Will "autocracies vs. democracies" extend to our economic world order? w/ Marcus Stanley

US secret proxy wars across the globe and why you don't know about them, w/ Nick Turse

Three ways the Ukraine War could end but may not, with Rajan Menon

Why Southeast Asia is not easily bullied or bossed by the West, w/ Sebastian Strangio

Now that we need Venezuelan oil, what should the US do? w/ William Neuman

If you can't see the propaganda it doesn't mean it's not there, w/ Bob Wright

Do petrostates rule the world? A conversation with Emma Ashford

Does NATO really need Finland and Sweden? With Justin Logan

Are Americans truly on board with Washington's Ukraine war strategy? An interview with Dan Caldwell

Lifting the veil on Biden's Ukraine-Russia war advisors, with James Carden

We're not all that: US ego and our credibility obsession, with Chris Fettweis

Senator Rand Paul says the quiet part out loud on Putin, Ukraine, and NATO

The Ukraine war and impending commodities "super cycle" w/ Amir Handjani

Is the U.S. headed for a crisis with Iran? w/ Sina Azodi

Preparing for the Weekend and Thermonuclear War

Friend or frenemy? Mitchell Plitnick discusses Middle East posturing on Russia-Ukraine

Kelsey Atherton on the fog of war and discerning science from sci-fi in Ukraine

Don't fear the mob: why keeping up war skepticism is healthy, with Ben Friedman

Warning from the recent past: Don't make Ukraine another Afghanistan, w/ Matthew Hoh

Biden's 'democracies v. autocracies' is put to the test, fails miserably, w/ Sara Leah Whitson

US-Russia in crisis: What next after Putin's bald move in Eastern Ukraine?

The US finds its new monster to destroy: post-Soviet Russia, with Ted Carpenter

Ending the longest war in U.S. history — the Korean War, with Jess Lee

Let's talk about those Iran Sanctions w/ Esfandyar Batmanghelidj

Are we the only sane ones in the house? w/ Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman

Did NATO start the fire? Joshua Shifrinson on the US-Russia crisis

US 'Counterterrorism strategy' is failure by another name, w/ Elizabeth Shackelford

America's pied piper act is falling flat in the Asia Pacific, with Sarang Shidore