Sitemap - 2021 - Crashing the War Party

Happy New Year, Sad State of the War Machine

Threat inflation matches economic inflation in 2021.

Robert Wright joins the party, rings out a year of the Blob

Are we really ready for war with Russia? Lyle Goldstein crashes in with a bit of reality

Stephanie Savell and how post-9/11 US counterterrorism assistance is further destabilizing Africa

This Thanksgiving, we are grateful for these tremendous guests

Peter Van Buren, those Syria strikes, and the cindered remains of our moral authority

Chris Preble says the U.S. is no longer "the indispensable" — so what now?

The E-Ring gang that couldn't shoot straight, with Col. Doug Macgregor

Breaking Washington's nasty war habit, w/ (Ret.) Lt. Col. Daniel Davis

Anatol Lieven, from Russia with Love

The Iran Nuclear Deal is Dying a Slow Death, w/ Assal Rad

Journalist Andrew Cockburn on power and profit and the primordial ooze of American war

Have we normalized war by making it more humane? (Ft. Samuel Moyn)

U.S. presidents and their love for killer drones (Ft. ACLU's Hina Shamsi)

Lies and Betrayal: Can the U.S. military survive the last 20 years?

How 9/11 Brought the Tyranny Home, with Chris Coyne and Abigail Hall

Spencer Ackerman talks about America's 20-year "Reign of Terror" after 9/11

The biggest Afghanistan whistleblower is still in jail: Kevin Gosztola on the persecution of Julian Assange

Who will be held accountable for the 20-year failed enterprise in Afghanistan? An interview w/ Richard Hanania

When the backlash means you're doing something right. An interview with Emma Ashford

Mythology, militarism, and collective amnesia: America’s culture of war, with Mary Dudziak

Is Saudi Arabia a friend or foe? An interview with Annelle Sheline

America: the (Un) Exceptional? Sam Goldman on the future of our nation-state

Ron Paul crashes our party, schools us on Washington's endless wars

Paying to play in Washington: winners, losers and suckers

The trillion-dollar plane that can't fly: Dan Grazier on the F-35 fighter

Greg Brew and why the CIA toppled Iran's government in 1953

Would we go to war for Ukraine or is Biden just blustering?

We believe: the government knows more about UFOs than it let on

A change in the wind in US-Israel policy in Washington?

Are we still in the Yemen War or not? A conversation with Kate Kizer

Samson vs. Goliath: Eli Clifton's battle against the Washington Blob

Afghanistan: graveyard of empires, pundits and profiteers

Biden's tango in the Middle East, from Iran to Yemen and back, featuring Trita Parsi

The Elites had their chance: foreign policy in a post-Trump world w/ Brad Polumbo

We weren't invited but we are crashing the Beltway's love affair with war -- won't you join us?

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