Sitemap - 2023 - Crashing the War Party

Larison: The Path of Least Resistance Leads to Hell

Are Israel and the US on a Collision Course?

The Pope Goes to China, the Devastation of Gaza, and More

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Truces End, Kissinger Dies, and the World Keeps Turning

Matt Petti on Western media manipulation in the Israel-Hamas conflict

Giorgio Cafiero: Expect 'horrific blowback' to US policy on US-Gaza

One Month Into the Israel-Hamas Conflict

There was never a 'pivot' away from the Middle East. There should have been.

Adam Weinstein and the US Troops in Harm's Way in the Middle East

Gaza War: US policy in the Middle East has failed

Mike Brenes on the broken defense industry: you can't get ammo from a stone

Sumantra Maitra asks: Why can't we have a dormant NATO?

The libertarian split over Ukraine and more, from friends Kyle Anzalone & Connor Freeman

Michael Swaine warns against 'radical deterrence' in US-China policy

Sina Toossi: Washington's backward, non-productive, failing Iran policy

Matthew Hoh: Are we seeing a breach of the Ukraine War echo chamber?

Shackelford & Sanderson: Watching our military assistance in Africa go up in smoke

Lyle Goldstein: Not feeling great about being right on Ukraine

Eldar Mamedov: Not the deal of the century, but Iran prisoner swap is big news

James Carden: Saying the quiet part out loud about the Ukrainian counter-offensive

Julia Gledhill: The military industrial complex is getting away with virtual murder

Justin Logan: promising Ukraine what might just be the impossible

Nothing but the truth: A conversation with Col. Doug Macgregor on Ukraine

Biden's human rights hypocrisies, a conversation with Jon Hoffman

As the US rolls out the red carpet for India's Modi, Sarang Shidore reads between the lines

Uncle Sam has to let the European eaglets fly from the nest, a conversation with Stephen Wertheim

The War in Ukraine is a testament to American Hubris: Benjamin Schwarz and Chris Layne, discuss

Want to end US global hegemony? Start with the military bases

Branko Marcetic on Ukraine pressure cooker: how leaks show the real state of war

Arab leaders flip the script on Syria. Does the US get left behind? Josh Landis explains

What about that coming counteroffensive in Ukraine? We ask Anatol Lieven

Please Washington, don't do more in Africa — A conversation with Stephanie Savell

Justin Logan: We can't be 'Uncle Sucker' to Europe for much longer

American primacy is everything, everywhere, all at once: a convo with Dan DePetris

Daniel Davis asks: Why are there 900 US troops with targets on their backs still in Syria?

Is Diplomacy Breaking out all over the Middle East? A conversation with Annelle Sheline

Andrew Bacevich: the Tragedy of Iraq and death of American Exceptionalism

How far will America go to stay #1? A conversation with Chris Fettweis

Does Ron DeSantis have the juice — for peace? Bonnie Kristian discusses

War, War, Evermore: The Russian Invasion Anniversary, w/ Lyle Goldstein

A U.S. Marine turns against American Empire: A conversation with Lyle Jeremy Rubin

How to stop worrying and love the peace plan in Ukraine, w/ Miranda Priebe

Ethan Paul asks: Are we losing our minds over China?

Suzanne Loftus: Is the US blowing through its lines of escalation in Ukraine?

War was always a racket and Ukraine is no different. A convo w/ Bill Hartung

What would a progressive world order look like? Michael Brenes weighs in

Ben Friedman: The world will survive if the U.S. stops stationing its troops everywhere